Technology and Integration with SAP®

Your needs

  • the solution is integrated with SAP and simply installed
  • the products are reliable and of high quality
  • a support database allows processing the messages quickly, efficiently and traceably

Our solutions:

For best possible integration with SAP® systems, the products were designed in the protected namespace /ISO/ using state-of-the-art software development The interface solutions are SAP certified. To ensure a simple and structured installation, a special program is available.

The products are managed by a product manager and updated through regular patches. An import manager plans the transport of the available patches in the proper order. Using a support database, messages can quickly be processed. Thanks to a free add-on application, the usage of the products in SAP can be analyzed and the increase in data quality can be verified.

Our tools:

Installation Program, Import Manager
Support Database
Product Manual, Installation Guide, Patch Notes

Add-on certification:

The Add-ons Duplicate Check (MDC) and Address Validation (MAV) are connected using interfaces specifically designed and defined by SAP for this: Business Address Services Postal Validation (BC-BAS-PV) and Duplicate Check and Error-Tolerant Search (BC-BAS-DES). They have also been certified for many years.

Overview of SAP software partners

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