Information Board for SAP®

Your needs

  • more transparency and efficiency through the reporting
  • document overview with various filter options to create custom-fit queries
  • determine sources of erroneous data and diagnose the impact on productivity
  • individual reports to encourage the employees’ sense of responsibility
  • faster business processes free of errors

Our solution

The Marlin Information Board offers you a Data Steward in SAP to monitor and increase your company’s data quality. Gain insights into enterprise data and quick access to key data information to derive measures for your data governance processes. By evaluating data quality documents, you can transparently track the costs of creating or modifying master data. This lets you interrelate metadata across your company’s systems. Advantages include a graphical overview and access to ISO’s solutions for Master Data Governance in SAP – identify and prevent delays caused by data corruption.

Don't waste your time on data quality processes! Increase the quality of your data and thus your productivity – with a continuous quality control and automatic error tracking. The intuitive, role-based dashboard is easy to use and displays the data structures in a coherent context. Data can be assessed and monitored as to its quality. This minimizes the risk of failures caused by long-winded processes.

The dashboard informs you on the status of your documents in your SAP Master Data Governance solutions. Marlin Information Board offers various filtering options to carry out special analyses.


Marlin Information Board combines the document information and provides them preprocessed:

  • preselection using various criteria such as account group, country, modification or initial data creation
  • intuitive forward selection
  • detailed chart analyses
  • available for data governance for customer and supplier
  • standard evaluations
    • refusals
    • country distribution
    • documents and notes
    • priority
    • document service status
    • volume of documents
    • lead time
    • field changes
    • master record changes
    • accruals

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