Guarantee Management with Marlin Securities

Marlin Securities is a tried and tested SAP add-on for managing guarantors and guarantee data. Automate your business transactions with our powerful software and receive detailed guarantee reporting. Marlin Securities adapts to your business processes thanks to flexible customizing.

Your Advantages

  • manage guarantees and securities in the SAP user interface as before
  • no double work thanks to versatile integration with SAP standard functions
  • reduced efforts through automatic booking of guarantee commissions
  • relevant reports support decision-making
  • simple monitoring through controlling reports
  • transparency throughout the lifecycle of the guarantee and guarantor using status and change management
  • reduce time and implementation effort through fast installation and implementation without programming

Marlin Securities

Marlin Securities manages and monitors security services in detail and fully integrated with your SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP system.


Guarantor Master Data

  • contract data
  • address details
  • contact person(s)
  • guarantee limit or available guarantee limit
  • individual guarantor or guarantor groups
  • guarantee conditions (start date, end date, fees, minimum commission, interest rate, payment frequency, payment method)
  • Change history for guarantor

Security Master Data

  • kind of security (received, given guarantee)
  • type of security (bid bond, advance payment guarantee, down payment guarantee)
  • organizational assignment (company code, business area, guarantor)
  • contract data
  • freely definable guarantee fields (e.g. by region, responsibility)
  • account assignment object (WBS element, cost center, orders)
  • reference to customer and vendor master records
  • dates from milestones
  • start and end dates of security
  • guarantee amount in document currency and base currency of the guarantor
  • commission conditions (interest rate, payment frequency and method, last booking)
  • status (e.g. requested, received, due)
  • link to original documents (e.g. as a PDF file)
  • change history of security
  • simple but controlled removal of expired securities

Business Transaction

  • automatic posting of securities as a special G/L transaction
  • automatic calculation and posting of commissions
  • automatic creation of received securities in "planned" status from the MM ordering process for construction services

Securities Reporting

  • overview of securities according to various criteria
  • comparison of issued and received securities (as to order, cost center and project)
  • Overview of limits with proof of securities already drawn upon (exhaustion of guarantee limits) incl. graphic representation
  • guarantor proposals, with the most cost-effective guarantor determined by the guarantee criteria
  • guarantee monitoring (due date, commission)


Upon request, we can adapt Marlin Securities to your requirements in a flexible and versatile manner.

  • guarantor groups (banks, insurance companies) with field selection
  • kind of security (received vs. given)
  • type of security (advance payment guarantee, bidding guarantee, performance guarantee, performance guarantee) with field selection
  • freely definable areas of responsibility
  • status with sequence and control of permitted or automated processes
  • postings (security and commission postings)
  • commissioning (commission identifiers, commission conditions)
  • integration with WBS elements and milestones
  • creation of securities from purchase orders (order value, condition type, security deposit)


  • SAP add-on implemented in ABAP/4 or ABAP Objects
  • user interface selectively SAP GUI or SAP Business Client
  • easy installation, either as SAP Transport or as SAP Add-on
  • exclusive ISO namespace avoids conflicts with your own developments
  • authorizations as usual in SAP