Managing Guarantees within SAP

Marlin Securities is a tried and tested SAP add-on for managing guarantors and guarantee master data. Using our powerful software, you can automate your business transactions and receive detailed guarantee reporting in SAP. The program allows you to quickly reorganize your guarantor and guarantee master data and also offers extensive customizing options.

Master Data Management for Guarantees

Marlin Securities offers you a fully integrated, detailed management and monitoring of guarantees, sureties or monetary bonds in your SAP system. Comprehensive master data on guarantors and guarantees can be managed:

Guarantor-related data

  • contract data
  • address details
  • contact person
  • guarantee limit or available guarantee limit
  • individual guarantor or guarantor groups
  • change history for guarantor
  • guarantee conditions (start date, end date, fees, minimum commission, interest rate, payment frequency, payment method)

Guarantee-related data

  • kind of guarantee (received, given guarantee)
  • type of guarantee (bid bond, advance payment guarantee, down payment guarantee)
  • organizational assignment (company code, business area, guarantor)
  • contract data
  • freely definable guarantee fields (e.g. by region, responsibility)
  • account assignment objects (projects, cost centers, orders)
  • reference to customer and vendor master records
  • start date and end date of guarantee
  • guarantee amount in document currency and the guarantor's framework currency.
  • commission conditions (interest rate, payment pattern, payment method, last posting)
  • status (e.g. requested, received, due)
  • change history of guarantee

Accounting Transactions directly in SAP

In addition to complete integration with ERP systems, the standard functionalities focus on comprehensive data management, an ergonomic user interface and decision-related evaluations of guarantees. In this way accounting transactions can be mapped in SAP:

  • automatic posting of guarantees as a special G/L transaction
  • automatic calculation and posting of commissions
  • integration with MM ordering process possible

Guarantee Reporting

In addition to managing guarantees, Marlin Securities also offers comprehensive reporting:

  • overview of guarantees according to various criteria
  • comparison of given and received guarantees as to order, cost center and project
  • overview of the guarantee limits with proof of the guarantees already made use of (exhaustion of guarantee limits)
  • list of proposed guarantors with the most cost-effective guarantor determined by the guarantee criteria
  • Guarantee monitoring (due date, commission)


The add-on also offers extensive parameterization options:

  • guarantor groups (banks, insurance companies)
  • kind of guarantee (received vs. given)
  • type of guarantee (advance payment guarantee, bidding guarantee, performance guarantee, performance guarantee)
  • areas of responsibility
  • status, rating
  • postings (guarantee posting, commission posting)
  • commissioning (commission attribute, commission conditions)
  • materials management (purchase order total, condition type, security retention in percent)

Marlin Securities thus allows you to map a further aspect of commercial management under a uniform interface in your SAP system.

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