SAP Implementation and Optimization

There are many reasons for introducing a new business software: the old solution is no longer supported, a heterogeneous system landscape with numerous interfaces is replaced by a comprehensive system, or solutions “grown over years” need to be prepared as best possible for future situations such as corporate growth and international­ization.

Our view of software implementation – i.e. meeting customer needs pragmatically and with sound judgment – has over the years provided us with integrated business and software-technological SAP know-how.

A successful ERP implementation based on SAP requires a systematic, quality-assured approach for project managers and team members.

Continuous optimization through customization and enhancements

Business processes and IT-based technologies are changing constantly. Establishing a continuous, systematic process of improvement after a successful cut-over is therefore recommended. The options for this include customizing the newly available software functions, the use of more special industry solutions, introducing modern of user interfaces or even mobile solutions.

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