Migrating and Importing Master Data into SAP®

Your needs

  • initial master data cleanup before or during the introduction of an ERP, CRM or SRM
  • tool to support the migration of master data to SAP
  • integrated address validation and duplicate check
  • modeling of the asset master record based on import data or existing SAP master records
  • check for field consistency and compliance with SAP field control

Our solution

To migrate customer and vendor master data in SAP®, we use a set of Marlin solutions. For each import process, a project is created and an import structure is mapped to the SAP structure. The external master data can be analyzed (volume of data entered, detection of special characters and blocking words) and processes step by step (address validation, duplicate check). The master record to be imported – or a duplicate SAP master record found – can be enriched and modeled using a copy tool.

The record is created automatically in SAP, or approved manually with integrated field check against the account group. Editing monitors are available for the manual processing steps.

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