Fault-tolerant Search in SAP®

Your needs

  • Enter a search term and get results within seconds
  • fuzzy, language-independent search help in SAP®
  • a solution for SAP CRM, SAP ERP and S4/HANA
  • search scenarios for the different objects customer, vendor, business partner, and material master
  • search for addresses across fields and tables
  • search up to two long texts simultaneously
  • PEP screening or SAP integrated search of table content of external data sources
  • find duplicate invoices
  • searching in order texts in SD or the MM documents
  • prevent the creation of duplicate master data

Our solution

Lean, efficient processes in SAP require smart access to the master data. The fully SAP-integrated search engine Marlin FACT-Finder (MFF) yields far better search results. Incorporated in the F4 search help, all table contents are quickly found using a fault-tolerant approach.

Preconfigured, language-independent scenarios are available for SAP ERP, SAP CRM and S4/HANA systems:

  • material master; short and long material text
  • customer/vendor/central business partner
  • business partner with relationships; contact person for the organization
  • equipment with customer
  • purchase order text with vendor
  • purchase order text with ordering party
  • contact person for customer/vendor/central business partner

Examples of fault tolerance:

  • Typing error (transposed letters): “Untied States” instead of “United States”
  • Phonetic error: “Sobwufer" instead of “Subwoofer”
  • Spelling mistake: “Melissa Everidge” instead of “Melissa Etheridge”
  • Transposed words: “Screw with countersunk head” instead of “Countersunk head screw”
  • Synonyms or a thesaurus: “neon tube” instead of “fluorescent tube”

In addition, even non-SAP data sources can be searched. 
The fault-tolerant search offers a toolkit for creating customer-specific searches. Large amounts of data – e.g. some 40 million master data – are no challenge for our fuzzy SAP search help.


  • various preconfigured "ready-to-run" scenarios
  • fault-tolerant search
  • increased productivity through fault tolerance
  • increased customer satisfaction (e.g. in the webshop)
  • independent of the language used

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