Your requirements

  • You want to use a tried-and-tested duplicate technology in a system-independent environment for any kind of data
  • You repeatedly have different data sources such as Excel files, databases, text files or similar that you want to check for duplicates
  • The solution should enable a cost-effective but nevertheless effective data analysis

Our solution

The intelliCleaner Desktop bundles the proven ISO technology for identifying duplicates with an easy-to-use desktop interface. You can use the standalone version on a normal desktop computer to read and edit different data sources.

Whether you want to perform a duplicate analysis project once or periodically – the intelliCleaner Desktop can to both. Once a data source has been configured, it can be used repeatedly. All settings for sources, mapping and analysis parameters can be saved locally.

More functions

  • standardization and correction
  • address validation (with reference data)
  • legal status recognition
  • conversions, large and small
  • recognition of first and last names
  • enrichment and consolidation of data
  • data merging
  • own rules can be mapped and applied

Your benefits

  • intelliSearch technology already integrated in our solution
  • powerful in-memory technology
  • individual settings per project
  • various input formats and mapping possibilities offer high flexibility
  • simple installation and start-up
  • the ISO Support Team is available to answer all your questions
  • professional data cleansing
  • SAP interface to the data download
  • imports all common data sources (CSV, Excel, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, generically via JDBC and ODBC)

intelliSearch – leading-edge technology

As part of intelliCleaner, the intelligent, error-tolerant (fuzzy) search is used for duplicate checking, comparison against reference data and enrichment of databases.

  • handles small and large databases with extremely high performance
  • standardizes millions of data records within a few minutes thanks to modern in-memory technology
  • uses various, renowned algorithms for error-tolerant searches
  • typos, transposed digits, homophones, etc. are no longer a problem
  • applicable for all languages, including visual languages
  • an own thesaurus can be added

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