Automic Analytics: Customized consulting

Are you looking for an expert to help you solve your automation problems? Have you been using Automic for a long time, but the processes have never been optimized with the capabilities of new versions? Or maybe you simply want to increase your system's performance?

SAPĀ® is the backbone of business processes in many companies. As a long-standing SAP consulting company, ISO Professional Services GmbH combines SAP know-how with comprehensive automation solutions from Automic. Our developers also offer you special solutions, be it with ABAP or Java. We provide you with demand-oriented consulting and project implementation around Automic.

Automic Workflow: Integrate tools instead of replacing them

Instead of replacing your established software tools, we integrate them with Automic. Not only do we keep your costs in check, you only need new licenses and just your automation specialist will need training. On the other hand, you can do without expensive retraining for several new tools, since your employees will continue to work with the software they are familiar with, and your company will benefit massively from more extensive automation. Business processes are streamlined and manual work is reduced to a minimum.

Automic serves as a central source of information via dashboards. Data from third-party systems can also be integrated so that your employees can keep an eye on your business processes.

Batch Scheduler: Timely processing

SAP has declared batch processing with HANA obsolete. That would be the equivalent of a racing car that is missing its steering wheel. In other words, we say the opposite is true, because batch is alive and well. However, it is no longer the classic, time-driven nightly processing. Today, automation is event-driven to ensure timely processing and thereby enable even server utilization. Let us convince you.

Job as code - more than automation

Establishing a continuous delivery pipeline requires more than just classic automation. We support you in establishing this modern and effective way of developing software and automating processes simultaneously in your company.

Automation advantages

The great advantage of automation is that no processing step will be forgotten anymore. It prevents costly errors. Repetitive tasks in particular, presumed "no-brainers", cause problems time and again. Employees have to constantly go through the same process, become inattentive over time and then errors sneak in. Automation eliminates this source of errors and relieves your employees, so that they have more time for productive, creative tasks.

Do you need Automic Consulting?

We also assist you in the event of a malfunction and with support. Do you have a workforce shortage at your company? We are your backup, no matter whether remotely, by phone, VDI or at your premise.

Our references

Your Automic expert: Wolfgang Tappert

Wolfgang Tappert has worked in IT in various roles since 1996. Whether as a consultant, administrator, system engineer or trainer, Wolfgang has worked on countless projects. He has played a major role in the success of many projects. Be it project work with energy suppliers, in the IT service sector, in industrial companies, with insurance companies or in public administration, he has served a broad field. Wolfgang Tappert is your man to master even the most demanding challenges in automation.


Project assignments performed by Wolfgang Tappert

  • Consulting and optimization of Automic processes, public administration agency
  • Quality assurance of Automic processes, energy provider
  • Migration of a UC4 legacy environment to a new environment incl. rebuilding of workflows, insurance company
  • Optimization of UC4 control after scheduler change, insurance company
  • Redesign of UC4 control due to carve-out, energy provider
  • UC4 administration and management data transfer, industrial company
  • Control of VMware by UC4, IT service provider
  • Enable IS-U control through UC4, energy provider



ISO Professional Services projects


IS-U control via UC4

An international energy supplier consolidated its extensive SAP landscape to include new, large ISU systems. Job control was rebuilt for this in a Greenfield approach. ISO Professional Services played a significant role in this process, especially for current accounts from billing to collections. The control system we set up in 2010 is still in productive use today.


Administration of three Automic Systems

ISO Professional Services managed three UC4 systems in a complex system landscape at Siemens. The tasks included upgrading new UC4 versions and applying Windows patches to the UC4 servers. We also managed the data hub and its connection to UC4.


Control of SAP bulk activities via Automic

We provide consulting services for the public administration sector and ensure the optimization of Automic processes. Our tasks include the design of workflows for Windows, Linux and SAP as well as the extension of job workflows using new includes. Via the UC4 Rest API we are able to adapt jobs by means of bulk changes as well as to take over the channel control of SAP PO systems.