Data Validation for the Material Master in SAP®

Your needs

  • optimize material master maintenance in the SAP system
  • includes workflow for the departments involved
  • recognition of patterns for specific tests (e.g. customs)
  • creating the material master only after approval
  • evaluating the state of maintenance and turnaround time

Our solution

Marlin Material Governance (MMG) for SAP® offers a new procedure plan for creating and maintaining the material master. Depending on the type of material and industry, the user starts the editing process with each new transaction. The material master runs through various departments with predefined tasks such as filling in fields, checking views, approving and releasing views. These maintenance steps make the editing process both transparent and orderly.
In special cases, the workflow can be supplemented or replaced by another one – at any point in the maintenance process. If a pattern is detected, for example, if material descriptions with certain words and goods categories are used, you can automatically define a new check as a task. The process owner and the user can always see the material master’s maintenance status.

You can also check your master data in SAP against defined rule sets using our Business Rule Framework.

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