Finding, cleansing & avoiding Duplicates in SAP®

Your needs

  • duplicate check upon creation and maintenance (CRM, ERP, IS)
  • initial checks of stock data and regular monitoring
  • supports evaluating of duplicates and choosing a “Golden Record” with a clearing monitor
  • consolidation of views (company code, purchasing organizations, sales organizations)
  • fault-tolerant search to find master data

Our solution

Marlin Duplicate Check (MDC) is a modular solution with full SAP® integration. The duplicate check becomes part of the process and finds any duplicate master data in SAP. Duplicates are found when creating or maintaining master data and within the stock data – and can then be conveniently managed using the editing monitor.
Parameters allow customizing the high-tech duplicate cleansing, which can also identify duplicates in all languages including pictorial ones (e.g., Chinese, Japanese). Moreover, the user is supported by a fault-tolerant search, similar to those of Web search engines, which shows results across SAP fields. The duplicate software doesn’t create any interruption in the system or media break and requires neither a separate server nor a database.

Checking external data files

If you would like to check an SAP-external data file for duplicates or perform a check against the existing data stock, our solution provides an import function with list display. Matrix and index settings can be adjusted using test sets. By mapping the fields, the external column header is assigned to the SAP fields, thus making it possible to assign them to the SAP objects. You can also check external files against other external files. Using the Duplicates Monitor, the user can then mark master records as primary and secondary records, and save the result of the duplicate check.


  • dialog check when creating and editing master data
  • inventory audit identifies existing duplicates
  • checking of external data
  • clearing monitor for quick and safe editing
  • supported objects include customer, vendor, central business partner, contact person
  • inventory audit is available for address, telephone number, e-mail, bank details, tax id and tax number
  • organization of duplicates into duplicate groups
  • classification according to duplicate type
  • assignment using primary and secondary relationship
  • object dependencies are recorded
  • display of transaction data (OPs, orders, offers)
  • search across organization data at field level
  • object structure browser to show dependencies
  • flexible handling through customizing
  • fault-tolerant F4 search
  • integrated with the data governance process for customer/vendor
  • BAdI for connecting to the customer’s Z programs

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