Sanctions List Check in SAP®

Your needs

  • complying with legal requirement for sanction lists checks within SAP
  • using sanction lists of the German Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger)
  • importing own sanction lists into SAP
  • setting up a personal blacklist
  • connecting external non-SAP systems to the check in SAP
  • PEP list screening for politically exposed persons

Our solution

Marlin Compliance Check (MCC) addresses the operative SAP® process and can monitor master data, during creation and maintenance, as well as various stock data: customer and vendor stock data, HR master data, in the central business partner and in the company’s bank master data.
In addition, relevant transaction data, such as a different ship-to party manually entered, is also matched against the sanction lists.

When a match is found, the company’s compliance agent can centrally edit the entry in the Compliance Cockpit in SAP. The results can then be qualified and processes in a findings monitor. All steps are documented for in a traceable way. To match and syndicate sanction lists, non-SAP system as well as own terror or fraud lists can be connected. The Compliance Check requires neither a separate server nor a database and is easily installed through an SAP Transport.

For PEP list screening, a standard import for politically exposed persons is available.

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