VAT ID Check in SAP®

Your needs

  • checking master data with financial authorities in Germany, Austria and the EU as to compliance with the legal provisions
  • process support for negative VAT ID check within SAP
  • checks for stock data and monitoring of the results

Our solution

Since 1 January 2010, companies in the European Union are required by law to check the VAT number of any business partner within the EU.
Marlin VAT-ID Check (MUP) for SAP® helps you check the validity of VAT registration numbers by connecting to various online services: the German Federal Central Tax Office, the Finanzonline Portal of the Austrian Ministry of Finance and VIES, the VAT Information Exchange System of the European Commission.
The information can be retrieved plain or qualified, depending on the applied check depth (VAT-ID only, VAT-ID with company name, VAT-ID with address).
When creating or maintaining master data in the SAP system, an online check is done through the respective interface of the service provider.

In addition, the VAT-ID check can be activated for relevant transaction data to inquire the status upon order placement and creation of a delivery note or invoice. The stock data can also be processed individually or in a batch check. The results of the checks are logged and documented in a revision-proof manner.

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