Automating communication among systems

We guide you toward Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 means digitization.
To remain competitive in the market, a company has to continuously increase its productivity. Data volumes are growing rapidly. A successful, optimized data handling has become indispensable for companies as part of their success.

Our focus within the topic of Industry 4.0

Data Management

In order to meet business demands adequately, data management has become crucial for companies. Difficulties frequently occur when handling large amounts of data.

Here, a transparent information management system provides a solution and supports the creating, maintenance and phasing out of data. The data management system also has to be firmly established in the company organization, with roles and responsibilities clearly assigned.

When implementing a data management system, three areas must be covered: planning and control, quality management, and the organization with personnel assignment.

Benefit from our services

Digital Consistency

Importing and exporting between different systems can cause errors and degrade the quality of data. Manual, uncoordinated data communication provokes that not every involved person receives the relevant information in the right time. The result: project teams cannot discover problems in time.

Digital consistency – providing all employees with the latest data in real-time – needs to be created to ensure a structured communication. This spans customer, offer, engineering, production, testing and acceptance and back to the customer. Such a cross-system consistency of digital data saves time, increases flexibility and reduces costs.

Your advantages

  • professional consulting during the digitization of your processes
  • individual design for system interfaces
  • system integration
  • SAP integration
  • Teamcenter integration

Automation Engineering

Industry 4.0 also means automation – on the shop floor.
As a service provider in many fields of automation, we have extensive experience. In collaboration with our international customers, we develop products that offer potential applications for various industries:

  • drive technology
  • programmable controllers
  • network components
  • services including
    • project management
    • requirements analysis
    • architecture, design and implementation
    • test and verification
    • quality management, quality assurance

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