A brief overview of nearly three decades of SAP Consulting and IT Services

The ISO Professional Services brings together business expertise and experience in system operation acquired from two backgrounds:
Firstly, ISO Software Systeme has had an SAP consulting branch since 1993, and secondly, the operational leadership of the Faber-Castell Consulting GmbH (FCC) was taken over in 2007. In 1985, the company had been established as a spin-out of the former IT and organization department of the Faber-Castell AG. Beside continuing support for Faber-Castell, the goal from the outset was to operate mainly in the free market.

Since 1 Dec 2010, the company has been operating as ISO Professional Services, offering consulting services that cover the entire SAP life-cycle. The company can rely on the experience from a variety of successful SAP launches for small and medium-sized companies. The portfolio also includes a range of SAP add-on solutions developed in a separate SAP namespace over the last 20 years. IT infrastructure consulting and system operation as well as hosting services complete the offer by ISO Professional Services.