Which industry would interest you?

If you do not have any industry preference, we have several options to offer, even for career changers.

How we work

Software engineering is a form of engineering that we pursue with a precise philosophy and according to proven project management. Our quality standards are what make us stand out. We work passionately for outstanding results and want to inspire our customers with our talents and abilities.

In doing so, we rely on the latest technologies and modern methods. Agile Software Development using SCRUM, Test-Driven Development, Clean Code Development, Continuous Integration, platforms and technologies (e.g. Java EE, .NET, SAP, HTML, JavaScript, Docker, Akka, etc.), Software Craftsmanship, Coding Kata, and much more are part of both our toolset and mindset.

Different communities of practice, including the ISO-Gruppe’s CoP Agil,, promote agile procedures at ISO. In addition to regular meetings, the in-house blog of the same name supports exchanging and promoting knowledge.

Contact person

Barbara Nägerl-Amaro
ISO Software Systeme GmbH
Eichendorffstrasse 33
90491 Nuremberg