Embedded Software

One of the greatest challenges of modern electronic development is that of embedded software engineering. Counter rising pressure of cost and time demands as well as increasing complexity! How? With an engineering demand and modern methods of computer sciences and electronic development.

Benefit from our expertise in interdisciplinary engineering and implementation.


Convince yourself

During the last five years we have developed applications in different areas and we successfully created the following components:

  • Infotainment Solutions
    head unit components, tuner, telephone, man-machine-interfaces
  • Car Navigation
    GPS-positioning, route calculation and display, drivers info and guidance
  • Rear Seat Entertainment
    Internet, high end multimedia (DVD, TV)
  • Diagnosis & Error Handling
    Automatic error memory, component protection, software update and adaptation
  • Communication and Protocols
    Media oriented service transport (MOST), controller area network (CAN) components, keyword protocol 2000 (KWP 2000)