ISO Academy

At the ISO Academy, we provide our employees the latest technologies and professional experience. We consistently think and design our practical training and further education courses from the perspective of customer and project requirements, market developments and technological and methodological trends.

Our principles are based on software craftsmanship. Certifications, technical precision, and agility form the core of our training programs.

ISO Forum

The ISO Forum brings our employees together across projects and ensure the necessary exchange of experience.

ISO Trainer Academy

Our ISO Trainer Academy lays the foundation for practical training. First-class trainers can be recognized by the fact that they are constantly undergoing further training, are up-to-date and anticipate new technical developments. It is precisely these experts who form the core of our ISO Trainer Academy. They are also actively involved in customer projects and contribute their practical experience to the training courses.

ISO Trainings

ISO training focuses on each employee with their personal goals and individual skills profile. We promote theoretical and applied skills, motivation of each individual and the team spirit of wanting to make things happen together.

Extract from our training program:

  • Certification training courses
    Our courses systematically prepare employees for certifications such as ISTQB and ITIL Foundation Level as well as 
  • Hard skills
    In the fast-moving world of IT, new tools emerge every day that we need to understand and use. Our technology training courses provide coaching at all levels, from basic knowledge to in-depth technical know-how.
  • Soft skills
    In the modern working world, it is not only important what we are capable of and know, but also how we use our skills correctly. We show employees how to present themselves more effectively, work better together and motivate themselves to achieve higher performance.
  • Bootcamps
    Learning by doing is the best way of practical learning. In our bootcamps, employees are introduced to new tools, programming languages or architecture and development concepts over several days or weeks. Participants work on realistic tasks using agile methods that allow us to flexibly adapt content and working methods to the needs of the participants.
  • Kata
    We regularly conduct coding katas in many of our divisions to practice basic software development working methods. Architecture and method kata help employees and teams to develop best practices. In our monthly coding kata in Public Administration, for example, we work according to Test-Driven Development (TDD), pair programming and principles such as DRY, KISS and SOLID. Each Kata has a dedicated training topic, such as refactoring legacy code, decoupling functionalities or converting specialist classes to services.

The practical training program of our ISO Academy ensures that our employees are always professionally, methodically, and personally equipped.

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Barbara Nägerl-Amaro
ISO Software Systeme GmbH
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