Indicators are an essential factor for successful business management. Corresponding reporting from the systems in a timely, flexible and reliable manner is thus crucial.

Depending on the requirements, either reporting tools or a business intelligence solution needs to be chosen.

Reports can be provided in all standard formats such as HTML, XML or XLS and further processed in other applications. Thanks to three implemented query levels a number of options are available: ad hoc inquiries of the database, reports with data transformations and JavaScript support, and designing visually appealing reports using a report designer.

Depending on our customers’ requirements and system environment, these tools are also available: Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports and Oracle Reports.

For business intelligence (BI) reports, we use either solutions within the customer’s system environment (SAP BI, Oracle BI), or our own products, which are based on the Dynamic Components, the open source BI solution Pentaho. Pentaho is used mainly in the fields of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), business analytics and data mining.


BI dashboard example