Provide first-class service

Providing first-class service to passengers with reduced mobility is a top priority and aim for every airport. Although providing excellent PRM service can be a challenge, given that the composition of this customer base is growing and expanding, having a software solution that addresses this is essential.

Make your PRM management easier with a software solution especially designed for it. Whether it is the providing services to an aging population, overweight passengers, passengers with a variety of disabilities due to health issues or accidents, your PRM Agents need to be able to meet this challenge and offer air traveler assistance. SKYport CARE is the answer to providing reliable and timely first-class service.

Successful PRM Management

Master the logistical challenges that airports face with SKYport Care. Transport passengers with reduced mobility to and from their destination efficiently and comfortably, all while complying with EU regulations.

Through compliance with EU Regulation (EG) 1107/2006, it assures that accessibility is also ensured at the airport. SKYport CARE makes handling passengers with special noticeably easier.

Your advantages

  • address logistical challenges with Dispatcher Mode
  • alarm notification to minimize risks and errors
  • simple and intuitive user interface
  • wide range flexibility with Web & Mobile App
  • easy task assignment and overview via Dispatcher Screen
  • facilitated handling of multiple PRM SSRs at a time with Batch Assignment and Batch Routes function

SKYport Care – via Desktop & Mobile App

The SKYport CARE Desktop App compiles all relevant information you need for planning and overview. This includes Special Service Request (SSR), name of passenger and necessary flight data. End-to-End handling of PRMs is facilitated by splitting up the process into single routes to ensure easy setup of tasks. The Dispatcher screen allows the efficient planning and deployment of PRM Agents.

The SKYport CARE Mobile App for Android devices provides PRM Agents with full flexibility together with real-time information on their upcoming tasks. The intuitive and hands-on user interface enables Agents to manage their task workflow conveniently. Different screen views provide details on their tasks, passenger information, upcoming routes and due times. In addition, the barcode scanner quickly enters the new passenger information into the system.

Alarm mechanism to minimize risks

When PRM routes are due or have not been assigned yet, an alarm notification goes off and warns both the Dispatcher on the Web App and the PRM Agent on their Mobile App. Should a PRM Agent not react to any alarm notification, SKYport CARE will automatically release the route so that it can be reassigned.

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