Airport Reporting and Business Intelligence

All important information visible at a glance: The SKYport business intelligence tools allow you to prepare your key data in a way that makes them easy to read and clearly understood. This lets you see how your airport is doing at any given time – not only compared to this year’s plan but to that of the previous year, too. And the more detailed queries point to the corresponding courses of action.

Find out, what SKYport can do for you as a Management Information System.

SKYport Reporting – Key Data at a Glance

SKYport Reporting allows you to comprehensively evaluate and analyze the data from the AODB and accounting. Thanks to the close integration with the operational database, all data is available in real-time and at any level of detail.

Reports can be provided in all standard formats such as HTML, XML or XLS and further processed in other applications. Ad hoc inquiries of the database are also possible as well as the designing of visually appealing reports using a report designer.

The consistent use of open standards during the implementation of the solution allows the easy integration of SKYport Reporting with both  SKYport AODB and SKYport Billing as well as with third-party database applications.

As is the case with the entire SKYport family, SKYport Reporting is fully web-based – all key data is thus always available on tablets or other mobile devices as well.

SKYport Business Intelligence – Single Point of Truth

SKYport BI can integrate data from all kinds of sources: AODB ( SKYport AODB), and billing (SKYport Billing) sub-systems – even third-party set-ups. Drive your company's success with ad-hoc analysis tools and responsive dashboards to let you gain important insights from these metrics.

Standard reporting, ad-hoc queries and interactive dashboards are all supported. Our central, up-to-date database saves you from having to gather data from other systems such as billing, accounting or third-party set-ups.


  • see all key data available at any time
  • improved readability thanks to refinement and filtering
  • provide reports in all standard formats
  • evaluate and analyze data from AODB and accounting
  • central database without elaborate data gathering
  • relieve the server by working with non-operative data

SKYport BI for SAP – Operative Reporting and Simulation

SKYport BI for SAP offers extensive SAP® BI Business Content for both operative and billing data. The powerful data model enables high-performance access to this mass data.

The reports available in the standard configuration include:

  • traffic statistics (passengers, aircraft movements, cargo) including official statistics (ACI Statistics, ADV)
  • fees
  • final destinations
  • delays
  • target/actual comparison

The end users can design the ad hoc analyses themselves using a simple drag & drop tool. The system offers all analyses in both the Web front end and in an Excel interface.

The strategic planning creates and evaluates scenarios (best case, worst case or most probable case). What impact does the introduction (or leaving) of a carrier have on the airport fees? How do events at the target area affect the airport traffic numbers? For this, SKYport BI for SAP uses seasonal flight plans and seat occupancy levels. Based in this data, future charges are simulated.

SAP offers a range of front-end tools to represent this data, for example products of the Business Objects family.

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