Software Engineering with Java and the JEE environment

Long time experience with Java and Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) development fully enables our architects, software developers and project managers to successfully create and manage projects in this demanding environment and to develop stable, high-quality software products as well.

Based on our know-how in

  • model-driven software development via UML
  • design patterns in the Java- and JEE-environment
  • automated tests – see screenshot (among others we use JUnit for module testing, Selenium for automated regression testing of web applications, Grinder for JEE load tests)
  • many different continuous integration systems (e.g. Cruise Control, Hudson)
  • report generation with Jasper/JReport, Crystal Reports as well as Oracle reports
  • various JEE-runtime environments (such as JBoss AS, Glassfish, Tomcat and several commercial runtime containers)
  • our own web-based GUI-component libraries with more than 60 standard controls (e.g. editable grind, port control, Excel export, integration of any JS/AJAX framework, enhanced application state management) for efficient and stable development of web applications with the tapestry web framework
  • XML-processing (XSLT-transformations), integration of XML-interfaces (XSD-processing), based on JAX-B, JibX, Castor, model-based design / generation and use of SOAP Web services
  • databases: administration, installation, performance analysis and tuning, design and implementation of object-oriented mapping tools (e.g. JPA, Hibernate)
  • professional data migration via Kettle, PL / SQL programs and JAVA programs
  • business intelligence processes of open source tools (Pentaho, Kettle etc.): ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading), Visualization & Navigation
  • longstanding experience with different build systems like Ant, Maven or IVY
  • tools for version tracking and administration (CVS, Subversion, ClearCase)

we offer:

J2EE-based, model driven software engineering

  • Object-oriented analysis and design (OOA, OOD) in UML
  • Software architecture consulting and development for J2EE
  • System integration

Consulting in technology

  • Enterprise application integration (EAI)
  • Choice of technology (products, tools, frameworks, platforms)
  • System analysis using UML

Cross-industry consulting of IT units

  • IT-strategies
  • Model driven technical specifications of complex domains
  • Project management
  • Creation of coding conventions and operating instructions for complete IT-departments

Your benefit

  • more than 40 years of our experience and competence in all disciplines of software engineering
  • support in all complex and demanding projects of the JAVA and JEE-environment by our experienced specialists (such as system architects, JAVA and JEE experts, UML professionals)
  • profiting from expert know-how in order to meet ‘time, quality and budget’ goals of complex JAVA and JEE projects
  • our broad knowledge of software tools and frameworks to your advantage, based on our many successful customer projects and mainly on our own product development in various markets (such as tourism or airport management)