flash-SAP®Link, the SAP Interface of flash-ReproManager

Most of the business standard products like SAP® ERP dispose only very limited opportunities to handle the output management. The solution is the output management system flash-ReproManager.
With its certified SAP® interface flash-SAP® Link – based on SAP NetWeaver – the output management system flash-ReproManager meets all requirements and is able to handle either the output, the feedback about completed prints and the import to SAP. The administration of the output devices takes place centrally in SAP and the reproduction-specific criteria like plot request data, distribution lists, document lists and structure depth of parts lists dissolution and more can be controlled0 centrally by the system manager.

In addition, the extended opportunities of the output management system flash-ReproManager with the flash-SAP®Link offer solutions for typical scenarios of subsequent recording (e.g. by scanning) of incomplete printing requests.

SAP® features of the output management system flash-ReproManager

  • use of SAP standards for integration is guaranteed by certified partner with own namespace
  • use of the SAP authorization concept is continuously integrated
  • SAP distributors are used and generate a receiver list with appropriate parameters
  • a printout logs plot and document functions, particular status of documents as well as clients and receivers
  • tracing and administration of plot requests is possible enterprise-wide
  • use of the product structure browser which dissolves material and parts lists for complete prints of deposited documents offers new alternatives
  • quality improvement through automated processes and reduction of printing costs
  • support of KPro and Non-KPro as well as mixed mode
  • http download available
  • import of any data or documents to SAP, in which differentiation between replacing, adding or starting new files is possible