flash TeamCenter-Link, the Teamcenter link of flash-ReproManager

Using Teamcenter Enterprise, new products of enterprises with several locations can be brought on the market in a quicker, better and more cost saving way. In order to reach this optimization of production flows within enterprises, the use of Teamcenter Enterprise is the first choice for the environment of product data management (PDM) or product life cycle management (PLM).

flash TeamCenter-Link – connect to the UGS Teamcenter PDM

Of course, we wanted to integrate our 10 years of experience within this environment into our output management solution. We therefore realized flash-TeamCenterLink, a link between Teamcenter Enterprise and the flash-ReproManager - an output management system which has been integrated successfully in more than 120 installations. The flash-TeamCenterLink enables printing and exporting of documents or data from Teamcenter.

Highlights of the flash TeamCenter-Link

  • Print / export from Teamcenter Enterprise – formally known as Metaphase – of files, documents, construction components, individual components, assembly or entire assembly groups
  • Using Teamcenter Enterprise standards for integration
  • Feedback after successful print or export
  • External searching of files and documents without Teamcenter Enterprise Client
  • Integration also with thin clients