Smooth travel experience

Passenger Experience has been the catchphrase of the last few years, when it comes to modern airport trends. The experience travelers have at airports has become even more important with the market entry of low cost airlines.

In addition to the excellent shopping opportunities at the airport, the futuristic furniture and various attractions, the passenger experience highly depends on efficient service for both arriving and departing passengers.

The SKYport suite also offers various applications to provide the passenger a smooth and barrier-free travel experience.

SKYport FIDS – the interface to your customers

Nowadays, a modern, multimedia passenger information system is essential to provide passengers with information efficiently. SKYport FIDS provides public information such as arrival, departure, check-in and gate screens based on the data from the AODB. The direct connection to the AODB ensures that all data is always up-to-date.

The browser-based clients were implemented independently of any specific hardware and largely use the existing hardware infrastructure. SKYport FIDS can be run on Mozilla and Chrome web browsers, i.e. on smart TV applications from different monitor manufacturers. Additionally, we have optimized SKYport FIDS for the use on SBCs like Raspberry Pi. Modern graphical user interfaces enable an intuitive design of the page layout and the assignment of specific layouts to the devices. A flexible rule set enables data and time controlled display of advertisements, commercials and video streams as soon as a gate or a check-in counter, for example, is not used for a longer period of time. An emergency mode switches all monitors to emergency announcements or evacuation plans automatically in the event of an alarm.

By using a scalable web server, SKYport FIDS also makes it possible to provide passenger information to business partners such as hotels, local public transport or car rental companies in a flexible manner.

With SKYport Connect, SKYport’s integrated messaging platform, ISO provides a range of interfaces for passenger information. Thanks to these interfaces, requirements such as embedding flight data into websites or transmission of the flight schedule to the broadcasters for teletext, are met.

Business Lounge

The Business Lounge application offers a freely configurable set of rules. It processes airline as well as commercial programs and vouchers. As soon as a passenger arrives at the lounge desk, the software automatically checks the boarding pass and offers the Business Lounge employees the appropriate FQTV program and the number of companions permitted access to the lounge is granted in just a few seconds.

Users can log data from lounge visitors and also bill automatically (in conjunction with SKYport Billing). The Business Lounge App offers an integrated reporting tool, to filter data by period and carrier and to create an Excel export if necessary.

Baggage Delivery

As a standalone application, the Baggage Delivery App can be operated independently from SKYport. The App allows the processing of mishandled baggage. Thanks to the modern user interface, parsing strings from World Tracer is possible, which automatically creates new delivery orders. You can include these in delivery routes, which are then delivered by external service providers. In this manner, deliveries can be tracked, relevant documents be printed or Excel files be exported.

SKYport Billing offers automated billing in combination with Baggage Delivery. Furthermore, the App includes freely configurable master data as well as a User Management plus versioning and the possibility to block delivery orders.

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