Data-Driven Marketing

Customer engagement via interactive and personalized media offers your customer an experience of new technology that informs them of your product via data-driven, real-time video experience.

Better customer experience thanks to digital transformation

Everyone is talking about digital transformation. Videos are an essential component of this change. Video consumption is forecast to increase by 900% by 2021. The term "video" in the subject of an e-mail alone increases the opening rate by an impressive 19%!

We are driving the digital transformation with data-driven marketing. Based on existing user data, you can create videos for each of your users individually and with exactly tailored content. No two videos are alike!

Interactive, personalized media

Customer retention through interactive and personalized media opens up a new technology experience for your users: Inform prospective customers in real time about your product in a data-driven video. Improve your marketing campaigns accurately with insights from big data analysis.