Optimize your air freight and cargo management

Air freight is a time-critical high-volume business. The closer the connection to the airport’s operational systems, the more reliable the work processes. Find out how SKYport Cargo can also speed up your cargo handling operations.

SKYport Cargo – integrated Airport Cargo Handling

SKYport Cargo is a full-powered cargo handling solution closely integrated with the SKYport product family. The processing of cargo information such as MAWB or HAWB is done directly from the daily flight management of the SKYport AODB. Road feeder services can also be added to the daily flight management alongside the classic air cargo.

The high-performance SITA parser of SKYport Connect automatically assigns freight-relevant information to the appropriate aircraft movements, reducing manual data entry to a minimum. Interfaces to certified customs system, for example ZABIS® by Kewill, link to the relevant customs authorities.

The AODB provides all freight data for automated invoicing in SKYport Billing. Freight-specific analyses in SKYport Reporting provide meaningful figures for your cargo handling.