Managing airport staff certification

The intricate workings within an airport rely on a plethora of equipment, machinery and, of course, highly trained professionals.

While every piece of airport equipment is monitored in real time by software such as integrated building management systems and maintenance is scheduled through the plant maintenance functionality of the ERP, keeping track of staff training and certifications often is a highly manual process.

Decentralized training manuals are drawn up. Certificates are checked, copied and filed. Training information is entered into Excel files. Reports are manually compiled over and over again for audit purposes. This often results in a fuzzy picture of overall training status.

SKYport Certifications, our newest addition to the well renowned SKYport Airport Management Suite, has been developed to cover all the aspects of staff training and certification management. A centralized approach, covering all airport departments and airport staff as well as any third-party employees, ensures a seamless audit trail of all training requirements and provides reliable information on your organizations overall training status.

Organization Management

SKYport Certifications flexibly maps your master data and organizational structure - single company, multiple companies, suppliers, or third-party vendors; you can keep all of these instances as master data in SKYport Certifications. Multiple departments and positions can be managed for each company.

Finally an Employee can be assigned multiple Positions within multiple Departments. This comes in especially handy as we see a lot of multifunctional Employees within the airport industry (i.e. Marshallers working in De-Icing Operations during winter seasons).

Training Requirements

Training requirements vary by organizational unit. While a general safety course is mandatory for all technical personnel, some departments require additional specialized training. SKYport Certifications takes all of these requirements into account.