Airport Management Software

What is Collaborative Decision Making?

Fast-growing airports quickly reach their capacity limits, and further expansion is often not feasible. How can airports make better use of their existing capacities? The prerequisite is that all partners involved in ground handling work closely together.

To support this cooperation, Eurocontrol has developed the concept of Collaborative Decision Making together with Airports Council International (ACI) and International Air Transport Association (IATA). This is supposed to harmonize the IT processes in the airport business.

SKYport CDM functionalities at a glance

Our open SKYport AODB, combined with SKYport Connect, already enables airports to implement their own CDM projects with local partners. You can extend this setting to a first-level CDM application with SKYport CDM.

  • all essential aircraft handling processes can be monitored in real time
  • status information and alarm procedures ensure the common situational awareness of all concerned parties
  • web interfaces send the information directly to the user – on mobile devices and on cute-terminals

SKY-CDM is not limited to the linear turnaround process described in the standard. It also supports the parallel processes of airplane handling like

  • boarding
  • cleaning or
  • catering

and thus integrates the handling agent even more intensely into the common decision-making processes.

How you benefit from SKYport CDM 

You improve your planning processes thanks to the following benefits:

  • flexible, up-to-the-minute planning and tracking of handling processes
  • optimized use of resources and punctual flight operations
  • monitoring of exceptional situations
  • calculation of the consequences of delayed processes

You control your service level agreements via the following functions:

  • logging all events and alarms
  • documentation of orders for optional services
  • workstation-independent access via browser
  • time-accurate data collection via mobile clients