ISO-Gruppe – your partner for Akka

You are looking for a partner to jointly implement your projects based on the Akka technology stack? Let us support you in implementing your Lightbend framework.

Key Facts:

  • Akka: know-how since 2016
  • strategic partnership with Lightbend in Germany
  • successful implementation of numerous customer projects
  • internal development of large-scale projects with the Akka framework
  • Akka specialists on site in Nuremberg

The ISO-Gruppe pursues two business models:

On the one hand, we implement individual customer projects according to the customers’ specifications on their technology stack. On the other hand, ISO develops its own products for various industries and continues to maintain them over decades.

Our search for suitable tool support has led us to Akka, which has a large community in the market and a renowned manufacturer in the background. As we develop products that offer a life cycle of more than ten years, these points were particularly important to us. We are still maintaining software components that we developed more than 20 years ago! In this respect, a decision in favor of a technology cannot be a dead end or have only a short lifespan.

Since early 2016, a team of architects and innovation drivers of the ISO-Gruppe has been working with the Akka framework to evaluate new technologies and services for ISO’s lines of business. Following internal proof-of-concept phases and prototypes, our developers decided to add the Lightbend framework to the portfolio of the ISO-Gruppe.

Flexible and fail-safe

Based on the open source framework Akka – and add-ons from the Lightbend Platform – efficient, cloud-native reactive microservice architectures can be implemented. Being able to create the code in the programming languages Java and Scala is another advantage. Akka’s approach – based on the Actor Model – allows a resource-saving implementation. The dynamically scalable cluster as the runtime environment offers additional reliability and the possibility to absorb peak loads. The transparent distribution of the Akka actuators in the cluster and the error handling by supervision makes resilient, self-healing systems possible, whose management is available in all detail by the Lightbend framework.

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