Simplify your ferry business – with SKYfly Revenue

SKYfly Revenue was developed to make your Revenue Accounting more productive and profitable:

  • Workflow management – ensures efficient and correct processing
  • Standard Accounting Interface Framework – suitable for all major accounting solutions such as SAP, Oracle Financial, Navision etc.
  • Multilingual, browser-based user interface adapts SKYfly Revenue to the national languages and makes intuitive handling easier
  • Dashboard – personalized home screen supports easy overview over today’s tasks and provides management statistics
  • Integrated Reporting Engine – provides reports and statistics in real-time to support business intelligence tools and revenue management process
  • Audit trail tracks changes and eases reporting to the auditor

The benefits from our solutions

  • distribute your ferry tickets via GDS
  • enjoy automated agency billing
  • turn ferries bookable via GDS into feeders for flights
  • simplify the revenue accounting for your ferries
JR Kyushu Jet Ferry intends to sell its tickets via GDS, the distribution channel used by airlines for the same purpose. Making the process chain of this sales operation seamless requires a revenue accounting system – which is why we chose SKYfly Revenue.
JR Kyushu Jet Ferry

Expand your ferry business – with Global Distribution Systems

Our GDS Interface connects you to integrated systems to distribute your travel services worldwide, including global players like Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre, Axess. Travel agencies all over the world use these and similar systems to book packages and services of tour operators.

Advantages of linking SKYfly Revenue and GDS

  • automated communication with the GDS
  • reconciliation of sales data
  • automated creation of agency invoices
  • connection to common accounting systems

SKYfly Revenue is based on IATA standards

SKYfly Revenue is your future-proof choice for revenue data when it comes to technology and industry standards. Fully automated standardized processes and multiple data checks minimize the manual effort.
An extensive quality management and automatic overnight test-runs guarantee an absolutely reliable system. Based on JEE and a scalable, state-of-the-art system architecture, we are ready for your success and growth.

Originally built according to the IATA SIS standard, SKYfly Revenue keeps pace with the latest industry developments and is now compliant with IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC) as per IATA Reso 722f effective June 01, 2016.

Software made in Germany – designed for the future!