Storing data in complex database systems and managing them efficiently – that is at the core of our successful software products, along with the technologies in the fields of servers and GUI. The exponential increase in data volumes, especially in the area of data storage, has resulted in a rapid development of new technologies and concepts.
Thanks to the know-how of our staff we can cover all services and areas from all leading database systems. Our employees are certified for common database systems, and thanks to our long-standing partnership with Oracle and Microsoft we can quickly and easily access the knowledge of these partners whenever needed.

Installing, administering and configuring

Among other things, the teams Hosting and Operation are primarily responsible for installing, administering and configuring databases in different operating system environments. This goes hand in hand with individual strategies for backup and recovery, as well as for performance analysis, optimization and tuning.
With their specialization in database applications, our development teams design and create software components for you. Programming techniques such as SQL, PL/SQL and Stored Procedures are used in development and programming. The tools used include Oracle Designer and Oracle Developer, as required by the database. In addition, we use tools such as Oracle Forms, Oracle reports, Oracle application development framework (ADF) and TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Developers) for support, tests and failure analysis.

Porting and migrating

We offer the professional porting and migrating of databases, letting you validate, verify or supplement the data using transformation tools. The Transformation rules can be arbitrarily complex, ranging from a simple column mapping with validation of the data by Kettle to a Java program with business logic.

Big Data

Entirely new challenges arise when one needs to process and analyze large, unstructured data sets that were recorded automatically. The procedures that quickly deal with the processing of large, heterogeneous data sets are referred to as Big Data. Usage scenarios include the timely evaluation of web statistics and adaptation of online advertising as well as real-time cross- and up-selling in e-commerce. In addition to customer projects, one product of the ISO-Gruppe is already using this approach: ISO Dynamic Recommendation Service (DRS).