Software that makes work easier

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and digitalization – these are three of the topics that have dominated the headlines for several years. We turn theory into practice: our team develops software as part of a large-scale international project in automation engineering. The career prospects are correspondingly diverse. 

Create software concepts independently or in a team and implement them with us. You will always benefit from your colleagues' wide-ranging expertise. With personal commitment and flexibility, you will embark on a career at ISO with both leadership and technical responsibility.  

Methods and technologies

  • Entwicklung with Visual Studio 2022
  • various agile process models
  • Continuous Integration
  • TFS/Azure DevOps/GitLab
  • automated Quality Assurance/NUnit
  • Software Architecture, Design
  • UML with PlantUML
  • Clean Code Development
  • .Net/C#/XML
  • Moq, RhinoMocks


I started working at ISO right after completing my bachelor’s degree in computer science. Automation engineering was already one of the most exciting topics for me during my studies, so I was glad to... 

Employee statement be able to start directly in this field. At the beginning I, of course, asked myself how much knowledge acquired at university I could put into practice. Yet in the daily work it soon became apparent that some things are different from what we first thought. But my colleagues soon helped me incorporate my ideas and drive the software development forward. Thanks to ISO’s support with in-house training, I was soon able to close the gap between theory and practice. 


I've been part of the ISO family since 1997. After graduating from college, I was hired directly on the recommendation of an ISO client. The company has grown tremendously since then,… 

Employee statement

...since then, but the family-like core has not been lost. I like working in a medium-sized company very much; you enjoy a lot of freedom. In addition, the ISO-Gruppe has a lot to offer in terms of variety. Over the years I’ve practically been everywhere -- from tourism to medical technology, from automotive to automation engineering. 

Contact person

Barbara Nägerl-Amaro
ISO Software Systeme GmbH
Eichendorffstrasse 33
90491 Nuremberg