Car Rental Connection for Tour Operators: Advantage for Customers and Travel Vendors

Industry experts understand the importance of offering their customers a comprehensive choice of travel services. One important component that is often overlooked is car rental booking. A reliable car rental service increases your customers' flexibility and satisfaction while boosting your revenue and margin.

Car Trawler Screen

In this context, you should pay special attention to car rental connectivity with CarTrawler. As the leading B2B provider of car rental and mobility solutions to the global travel industry, CarTrawler gives you and your customers access to the largest range of car rental partners and rental locations worldwide.

The integration of the CarTrawler connection into an existing reservation system offers numerous advantages.

  • Access to 2200 car rental partners with 56,000 stations worldwide
  • Online bookings with direct confirmation
  • Option of single service or integration in a dynamic package
  • No CRS costs


Advantages of a car rental connection for tour operators

CarTrawler enables tour operators to easily expand their range of offerings without having to spend additional resources. With the rental car connection, tour operators can access the portfolio of more than 2,200 rental car partners at over 56,000 rental stations worldwide. There is no need for tedious master data maintenance, as the connection is fully automated.

The integration of rental cars as individual services or as part of dynamic packages has never been so easy. With the reservation system Pacific from ISO Travel Solutions and the connection to CarTrawler, tour operators can offer rental car services online and sell them directly in their sales channels.

Booking and confirmation of rental cars are done directly online and automatically, making the process easier for customers and tour operators alike. This also eliminates the costs otherwise incurred when using computer reservation systems (CRS).

In addition, they can automate their purchasing processes, saving time and resources while you increase sales and margins.

Through it all, you remain the master of your data and pricing. You make the contract with CarTrawler and the car rental providers, so you can define and decide the conditions and choices yourself. You are not dependent on ISO. ISO only acts as a technology provider to give you access to the data. You pay a one-time setup fee to ISO and then have no further follow-up costs, except for the usual annual maintenance fee / operating fee. But you don't have to cede any share of all your future sales to ISO. Your profits remain with you.

Car rental connection: How customers also benefit

The connection also offers customers many advantages. They have access to the widest range of rental car partners and rental stations worldwide. The ability to book car rental services directly as part of a travel package saves them time and allows them to plan their trip conveniently and consistently. The booking is made directly online, and confirmation is instantaneous.

CarTrawler's car rental connectivity enables tour operators to offer their customers a comprehensive and customized travel package that meets their needs.



The integration of car rental services via online connectivity is a worthwhile investment for tour operators looking to expand their range of offerings while streamlining their purchasing processes.


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