Wolf GmbH optimizes its data quality in SAP® with tools from ISO Professional Services

To improve data quality in its SAP® environment, Wolf GmbH chose the Marlin duplicate check and address validation tools from ISO Professional Services GmbH.


Wolf GmbH is an expert in heating and ventilation components based in Mainburg, Bavaria. The internationally operating company has over 60 sales partners and is represented in over 50 countries with nine partner companies.

Checking for duplicates among business partners previously required a lot of manual effort at Wolf GmbH. The addresses were also tested manually. In order to ensure a more efficient and less error-prone check of debtor and creditor data in the future, the company was looking for a solution that would automatically detect duplicates and enable thorough cleanup. On the other hand, addresses in particular should also be corrected and technically standardized. Through internet research, the project managers discovered the Marlin Suite from ISO Professional Services, which increases the quality of master data with various applications integrated into SAP®. The references on the ISO website ultimately motivated those responsible at Wolf GmbH to contact the Nuremberg SAP experts.

In a presentation, Mario Kalschne, Project Team Lead & Senior Consultant DQM at ISO Professional Services, presented the Marlin duplicate check and Marlin address validation solutions. The duplicate check is a certified and modular solution integrated into SAP® that determines duplicate master data in SAP and displays it clearly for further processing via a processing monitor.

Marlin Address Validation (MAV) is an add-on solution for ERP and CRM integrated into SAP that corrects, normalizes and supplements global addresses. In master data creation and maintenance, the address check is carried out with an interactive correction suggestion. A batch check is carried out for existing address data. The results can be changed automatically or manually in an editing monitor.

Mario Kalschne's clear and understandable presentation convinced the Wolf project team. The two applications presented by ISO Professional Services respond precisely to Wolf's needs: The company has now digitized the address validation of its business partners and can automatically find and select duplicate data sets. The savings in the manual effort that has previously gone into this are enormous.

The project was completed completely remotely using pre-defined milestones. Both partners communicated and worked together very well. Accordingly, the defined project schedule was adhered to. “We are extremely satisfied with how the project went. Working with our colleagues from ISO Professional Services is very pleasant and efficient,” sums up Cathleen Heßler, Application Support SAP at Wolf GmbH.