Tour operator systems from ISO can now automate the BSP Reconciliation

ISO Travel Solutions has created another specific feature as part of the "Dynamic Travel Components" strategy: It is now possible to upload BSP files and automatically reconcile them with flight bookings in the ISO tour operator solutions, thus eliminating manual process time and errors.

Today, still many tour operators make the reconciliation of the BSP (Bank Settlement Plan) payments to the airlines in a manual way. They get a list on a regular basis from BSP with all detailed info about their issued tickets. They then need to match all the entries in that list manually with the entries they have in their in-house booking system to make sure that the BSP payments are correct. This is a very cumbersome, time consuming process with a lot of room for manual errors.
Therefore ISO has now created a new component for their tour operator systems . The component imports the files from BSP and tries to match each position of the BSP list with existing flight bookings in the tour operator system. This way all matching positions are eliminated automatically and thus reconciled and sent to the accounting procedures for the release of the payment. The matching procedure uses different criteria in an intelligent manner to identify if the positions do match; this involves the comparison of the ticket number, the filekey / PNR and an accurate passenger name check between the BSP positions and the bookings in the tour operator reservation system.
Any position in the BSP file, which could not be matched automatically to a flight booking in the tour operator system, will be displayed in a special mask. The user can then apply manual search and comparison methods to identify the corresponding bookings. Comfortable search screens help the user here as much as possible, for example all search fields are initialised with the data from the BSP entry, such as Participant Name, PNR No., Ticket No., Departure Airport and Arrival Airport.

Markus Kretschmer, Sales Director from ISO : "In the end with this new process the BSP reconciliation can either be completely automated or at least to a very high degree and then the remaining position can be reconciled in a comfortable manual way. This will save tremendous process time and will reduce manual errors drastically. Another step towards our aim to automate as many a tour operator processes as possible with our IT solutions ."

The BSP reconciliation was developed in Java as a new component of ISO´s " Dynamic Travel Component " strategy, which is based on a complete new " Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) ". Many components have already been developed by ISO to handle the many aspects and requirements of tour operators. The components can be used i.e. for Customer Relationship Management (then they are sold under the product name " Emerald ") and / or for tour operators in general (product name " Pacific ") and / or for tour operators with an SAP® -portal environment (product name "Atlantic"). Each component can be configured and combined individually for each tour operator.