ISO receives status "Sabre Travel Network - Authorized Developer"

ISO Travel Solutions GmbH based in Nuremberg receives status "Sabre Travel Network - Authorized Developer" for its reservation systems due to its long time relationship with the Sabre Travel Network, the world's largest travel distribution supplier, as well as its know-how in reservation systems and web service development

Technical connections between ISO's reservation systems and the technology solutions of the global distribution systems (GDS) Sabre Travel Network have been established more than ten years ago. Numerous clients of ISO's tour operator system "OCEAN" use the sales connection to the Sabre booking portal for travel agents MySabre + merlin. The relationship between both partners is not only restricted to the Germany and European market but also global: OCEAN is also connected to MySabre in North America.

Furthermore ISO and Sabre Travel Network apart from sales connections also work together in regards to the procurement connection of the Sabre-System. Tour Operators that use OCEAN are able to sell their content via Sabre but are also able to buy and add content (for example flights) flexible and dynamically via Sabre. These booked flights can be sold in OCEAN as single service or as part of dynamically created packages via the Sabre Sales Systems, for example MySabre + merlin. OCEAN is connected directly to the Sabre System using Sabre Web Services, the most actual online technology. Since 2008 Ritz Tours from Los Angeles, special tour operator for China, uses OCEAN and Sabre with the help of Sabre Web Services. ISO has accounted for client specific requirements and realized a valuable work flow optimization.

ISO has developed the connection for Ritz Tours in multiple steps. The first step allows the so called "Retrieve" that uploads and adopts an existing flight booking from the Saber System into a OCEAN booking . Further steps allow the fully integrated online vacancy request, booking and cancellation.

As all other connection of ISO in the early past this connection has also been developed as part of "Dynamic Travel Component" . It is completely JAVA based and relates to the "Service Oriented Architecture - SOA" . For Sabre and ISO the connection of both systems via the Sabre Web Service technology is a further step to always use the most modern technology and lead the way in the tourism IT market .

Markus Kretschmer, Sales Director of ISO: 
"It has been a very important step for our product strategy to connect Sabre using the most modern Web Services. Our client Ritz Tours from USA has been exalted of the short time frame in which ISO has developed and delivered the functionality. Thanks to the close relationship with Sabre Travel Network and its innovative online solution we were able to optimize our work flow as well as our clients to achieve time and cost reductions. Our tour operator solution OCEAN has now a close connection to the Sabre System for the sales and procurement side. We are very happy about the newly achieved status "Authorized Developers"!

Anne Rösener, Vice President Central & Eastern Europe, Sabre Travel Network: 
"We are happy to award ISO Travel Solutions with the status 'Sabre Travel Network - Authorized Developer'. The status is based on a long time relationship between Sabre Travel Network and ISO Travel Solutions and our joint engagement in the online travel industry. As a worldwide company we would like to further extend the relationship and support ISO in its international expansion as well as to further develop the online sales of our clients using our market leading solutions ."