ISO receives Certification from Micros-Fidelio

Micros Fidelio certified the connection between the tour operator IT solution "OCEAN" from ISO Travel Solutions and the "Opera" hotel reservation system from Micros-Fidelio

ISO Travel Solutions from Nuremberg, Germany, has connected its tour operator management system "OCEAN" with the property management system "Opera" from Micros-Fidelio. The first stage of this connection received the official certification from Micros-Fidelio after all test cases have passed the certification test successfully.

In this first stage the user can retrieve bookings from Opera directly into an OCEAN booking. This way double data load and faulty entries will be avoided. The duration of the booking processes can almost be halved, while improving the quality of the data at the same time.

The certification test was carried out on the test system of "Sun International Dreams" in Johannesburg, South Africa, the first OCEAN customer to use this connection.

In additional stages ISO will enhance the Opera connection by more functions, such as an online availability query and the direct booking and cancellation from OCEAN in Opera. This integration causes a significant improvement of the data and the processes. The OCEAN user will stay within the well-known application masks and do not have to learn any additional systems and functions. All OCEAN transactions will be translated by the system into the corresponding Opera transactions and as such will be used through the new connection in Opera.

The connection was developed by ISO as a new " Dynamic Travel Component ". ISO uses this term for the new java-based development strategy which is based on a "Service Oriented Architecture" (SOA ) approach. This new technology is also supported by ISO´s other tourism IT solutions " Pacific ", "Atlantic" and " Emerald ", thus the Opera connection can be integrated with these solutions as well.

Markus Kretschmer, ISO´s Sales Director: "The connection to Opera from Micros- Fidelio fulfils two important goals for us. First of all, it is the major central function in our project with ‘Sun International Dreams’ in Johannesburg. ‘Dreams’ is the tour operator of the large Sun tourism company and with this connection they get direct access to the resorts of their company. The processes in the reservation department of ‘Dreams’ will be faster and better. In parallel the ‘Dreams’ employees are able to also query and book flights online in Amadeus. This way, one OCEAN booking will contain a hotel service from Opera and a flight service from Amadeus and dynamically package and book both.
The second important aspect of the Opera connection is the enhancement of our ‘ Dynamic Travel Component ’ strategy. The aim of this strategy is to integrate as many external systems as possible online with our tour operator solutions . The connections are being established as individual component so they can be used by other interested tour operators as well. In the end, the ‘ Dynamic Travel Components ’ allow us to configure a tailor-made IT system for each interested tour operator."