Xen Hotels and Resorts Thailand signs MoU for hotelsoftware Monaco

Xen's "Golden Pearl Residences" in Bangkok, due to open in June this year, will be the first hotel of Xen Hotels and Resorts where ISO´s hotelsoftware Monaco will be implemented.

Xen Hotels and Resorts is a newly established, exclusive and highly energetic Bangkok-based Hotel Management Company, helping hotel owners succeed with their in-depth knowledge of the industry and management systems.
Led by renowned award-winning hotelier Michael Thomas whose thirty-year experience has taken him to some exclusive properties around the world, Xen's team players have adopted a hands-on-approach and have a proven track record leading to a level of expertise impressive in scope and diversity. Xen’s upbeat management style, creative spirit, and ability to marry hospitality, design and uncompromising guest service with strong business performance drives its success.

The Company currently manages 5 properties in Thailand, and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to implement ISOs Property Management System "Monaco" in its future hotels that fit the requirements.
Xen's "Golden Pearl Residences" in Bangkok, due to open in June this year, will be the first hotel where "Monaco" will be implemented. "I have seen quite a few Property Management Systems in all the years that I have been professionally engaged in the hospitality industry," says Xen CEO Michael Thomas. "Our reason for choosing Monaco is based on its strong set of core functionalities, its ease-of-use for our staff, and its relatively low implementation and maintenance costs. If you pair this with the high scalability of the product, and its standard interface design for third-party hospitality systems, it became an obvious preferred choice for Xen."
Local training and support is handled by ISO's partner in Thailand, MindWaves Solutions.