Inventory Management for Flights and Ancillaries

The Airline Retailing Platform SKYfly Res is based on the IATA standards NDC and ONE Order.
Its core is an Order Management System (OMS) that carries out and manages the booking of flights and ancillaries without PNR and ticket. The bookings are then settled with partners and service providers – either directly via an accounting system or our powerful SKYfly Revenue Accounting Solution.

Key Features of SKYfly Res

  • flexible inventory management for flight and ancillaries
  • dynamic pricing
  • personalized offers
  • ticketless from booking to invoicing
  • NDC adapter for NDC and non-NDC distribution channels
  • supports metasearchers, language bots, OTAs
Most airlines getting started with NDC underestimate the number of requests the customers will be sending.

NDC Solutions White Paper

Scalability and Load Behavior

SKYfly Res is based on a modern microservice architecture. Using comprehensive load tests, we ensure that our software can reliably handle even the largest volumes of queries. The system scales without you having to purchase performance through additional database licenses. It uses the existing hardware resources very efficiently and conservatively.

NDC & ONE Order – Next-generation Airline Distribution

IATA supports the airline industry in the digital transformation through various initiatives. New Distribution Capability (NDC) provides airlines with better control of their distribution because offers and orders are built in the airline environment. Bookings are immediately integrated into the airline system environment. The new standard increases the number of ancillaries sold via indirect distribution channels.

IATA is also working on replacing the PNR and e-tickets with ONE Order. An order offers functional similarities to a travel order known in the travel and tourism industry. It contains all relevant information about the trip and thus opens up considerably more freedom than the simple Passenger Name Record, which is managed in an Order Management System.

Read our latest Case Study – ONE Order Pilots

IATA Strategic Partner – since 2011

ISO has long been involved in the development of the new standards and their application.

  • NDC Capable Level 4
  • ONE Order Capable
  • ONE Order Pilot Projects
  • Settlement with Orders (SwO) Adoption Group

Software made in Germany – designed for the future!

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