Provide first-class service to passengers with reduced mobility

Imagine, for example, an elderly couple – both over 70 – at the airport terminal. The gentleman is now dependent on walking aids to cover even short distances unassisted. His companion is petite, a few years younger, and can no longer assist him the way she did a few years ago. Yet they set off on their journey to fulfill their long-cherished wish: an overseas flight. But what if the distance between check-in counter and terminal are already beyond reach?

Mastering PRM Management

Nowadays, airports face new logistical challenges. Transporting passengers with reduced mobility to the aircraft or the check-out – and doing so in the most comfortable way with little or no waiting time – is not only a service for the customer, but it is an air passenger right according to pertinent EU regulations.

To comply with the EU Regulation (EG) 1107/2006 regarding airport accessibility and to fully satisfy your customers, ISO offers the PRM module SKYport Care for airports. Handling passengers with special needs has just become easier and less prone to errors – thanks to SKYport Care.

Your advantages

  • fail-safe thanks to Dispatcher Mode and Alarm notification
  • simple and intuitive user interface
  • fully mobile thanks to Web & Mobile app
  • complete overview thanks to dashboards

SKYport Care – via Web & Mobile App

Whether on a PC or a mobile device, SKYport Care can be used anywhere. You can check all the relevant information – such as the name of the passenger, flight data, flight number, arrival, departure, parking position or the Special Service Request (SSR) – directly on your Android phone. User access to the data can be adjusted on a need-to-know basis.

The Dispatcher Mode allows Dispatchers to access PRM employees for planning and deployment. Real-time information about the current flight status provides dispatchers with updated data to react accordingly, such as an alarm notification warning the administration if no employee has been assigned to a PRM route yet. If the user does not react to an alarm notification, SKYport Care will automatically release the routes again so that another employee can take over the task.

Route overview & employee management

You can create, edit or delete new PRM tracks with just a few clicks. In the airport’s route overview, you and your employees can see who has to accompany “whom, when, and where”, along with the status of the current task at a glance. For maximum overview, the tasks can be displayed and sorted by either PRM route or staff.

Do you want to know more about SKYport Care?

Handling passengers with special needs has just become easier and less prone to errors – thanks to SKYport Care. ISO now offers the PRM module SKYport Care for airports to comply with the EU Regulation (EG) 1107/2006 addressing airport accessibility and provide satisfaction to your customers.

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