Project Coaching for Project Managers

As part of the project management, our project managers go through a project coaching, which is carried out according to procedures and regulations. The training classes focus on these topics in particular:

Setting up projects

  • a budgeting template is available
  • several estimation methods have been used
  • templates for structural project plans are provided
  • work checklists are drawn up before the project begins

Carrying out projects

  • there is a documented procedure for software development
  • requirement analysis, design, coding and testing all follow a tool-based procedure
  • templates for specifications are provided
  • a tool is available to break down the project into work packages and activities and to assign the staff accordingly
  • the effort invested so far as well as the remaining amount can be recorded for each activity and day using a tool – for an up-to-date project status
  • if efforts and deadlines deviate from plan, this is shown by a tool as early as possible
  • the communication between ISO and its customers is tool based and can be viewed by both parties at all times
  • a risk management template is available


  • there is a process model for the software acceptance
  • checklists for preparing the acceptance are available

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