System Integration

Systems are increasingly being networked to ensure a quick, simple and secure data exchange – proper system integration is thus of central importance. The term “standard interface” is used time and again in this context. “Standard” refers rather to the technological implementation than to a real standard that would allow systems to communicate with each other without any further action.

There are, of course, standard formats that certain industries have agreed on for the recurring exchange of data structures. When it comes to integrating system, however, a common exchange format must first be devised and implemented since most often the systems come from various manufacturers.

System integrator with extensive background in the industries

With its extensive background in the industries, the ISO-Gruppe – in its role as a system integrator – defines and implements both the functional and non-functional requirements of the interface. The ISO-Gruppe is particularly experienced in SAP and offers SAP Certified Integration. Take advantage of our experience in system integration – for lend your business model the perfect support.

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