Development and Runtime Environments for Software Development

As part of our Dynamic Components strategy, we use the open source programming tool Eclipse for our software development. Eclipse is not limited to the Java programming language; numerous extensions make it possible to cover a range of other development tasks. We develop on the basis of the Java Enterprise/EJB 3.0 standard.

Our self-designed component library has proved invaluable in the development of the graphical user interfaces (GUI). This provides developers with more than 60 standard controls in a modular design, which is constantly being expanded. The GUI components comply with the Java Enterprise Standard Servlet API 2.2 and are based on the web framework Tapestry. The clear separation of design (HTML/CSS) and logic make customizations easily possible.

The applications run in different runtime environments depending on our customers’ system environments. This includes both free runtime containers like

as well as commercial environments such as

Thanks to the technologies applied, all applications of the Dynamic Components are fully browser-based, completely scalable and thus perfectly suitable for cloud operation.