Optimize all Airport Operations workflows and processes

The successful operation of an airport is more than the daily aircraft handling and the passenger flow management.

A multitude of routine operations such as runway checks, bird control, FOD detection or administrative processes like master data management have to run in sync with regular operations.

SKYport Collaborate supports users with workflow management. It ensures complete documentation and tracking of workflow processes and actions.

A workflow consists of:

  • Actions
  • Timers
  • User tasks

This can also be modeled with a BPMN editor. Thanks to the module's flexible rule engine, it is easily customizable to support flight-related tasks and SKYport data management, but also tasks that go beyond airport operations. Runway inspections, master data entry or flight cancellation approval are just a small part of the workflows covered by SKYport Collaborate. The workflows can be started manually, event-driven or time-controlled.

Tasks can be configured to be visible only to a specific user group. When a user of the corresponding group claims the task, the software assigns it to this user. That user is then responsible for completing the task. In our runway check example workflow, the user confirms that the runway and taxiway check has been completed. Upon completion, the user must confirm that the task has been performed and whether there are any findings to report. If so, another task appears asking for a description of the findings.

  • Check Runway
  • Description of Findings

The results are stored in the database and are available for further analysis, e.g. for statistical analysis in connection with SKYport Reporting.