Air Traffic Management

ISO has been involved in ATC (Air Traffic Control) projects worldwide for decades.

Our Experience in Air Traffic Control

  • Domain know-how (ICAO, international regulations)
  • System design & development
  • Consulting & training
  • Tower systems
    • Electronic flight strip
    • Weather information
    • Interfaces & integration
  • Aeronautical Information Systems (AIS)
    • NOTAM, SNOWTAM etc.
    • Weather briefing (OPMET, Charts)
    • Flight plan management
  • Document management (AIP Publishing)
  • Air Navigational Facilities Charging
    • Billing solution for ATC services (overflight charges)


  • System Integration and interface
  • Individual software solutions
    • Requirement analysis
    • Software development according customer requirements
    • State-of-the-art technology (design and implementation)
  • Adaptation of third-party solution
    • Extension of existing solutions
    • Customization and integration with existing infrastructure
  • Maintenance
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