Ground Handling Management

An estimated 20% of all additional services provided by fixed-base operators and ground handlers are never invoiced. Either because these services are not put down on a worksheet or because that worksheet never reaches the accounting department. We can help.

Accuracy, speed and quality of service – key to successful ground handling operations

With service level agreements becoming more and more popular in ground handling contracts, real-time information are the key to on-time service delivery and end-to-end reporting.

Ground Handling Management with SKYground:

SKYground Operations – With numerous parties involved in running aviation processes, accurate, real-time information is the key to successful ground handling operations. This is based on the SKYground Operations Database, the central hub for storing, processing and distributing all flight-related information.

SKYground Activities – This adds ground handling management functionality to the SKYground Operations Database standard, letting you define mandatory and optional handling services for existing contracts with airlines.

SKYground Billing – Choose among two billing alternatives (ERP and SAP®) that support all Charge Categories and Charge Codes.

More than 25 years of experience in aviation charges and ground handling contracts have made this domain one of our core competencies. We focus on business process optimization and system integration.

IS-XML shall be used by all IATA member airlines. In order to facilitate adoption, IATA and member airlines recommend that suppliers (i.e. airports and ground handlers) provide their invoices in IS-XML format.
Nicholas Coote, IATA’s Director,

Industry Clearing Services

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