SKYground Billing as an airport software

Electronic settlement according to IATA Simplified Interline Settlement

SKYground Billing – the billing component of our SKYground product family – uses data as the SKYground Operations Database, thus allowing a billing process with a close collaboration of both operations and administration.

Thanks to its flexible rules, SKYground Billing is adaptable to any charge structure – whether automated calculated landing charges, stored standard ground handling agreements or individually acquired single services. All relevant information from the operational systems is provided as parameters for the charge calculation.

Two alternatives for aeronautical billing

An ERP system is used by most airports, but only high-performance solutions such as SAP offer the necessary flexibility in their sales modules to also map the complex rules for calculating airport charges. In most cases, aeronautical billing has its own application, which connects the operative and the administrative world of the company.

Choose from two alternatives:

  • billing integrated with the SKYground Operations Database and linked to the ERP world (at least to accounting)
  • billing as a module of the standard ERP system, interfaced to the SKYground Operations Database, for example using SKYground Billing for SAP

ISO Software Systeme offers both alternatives as standard software products. Choose which integration approach you want to follow and benefit either from the advantages of the standard software in either way.