Control software for angiography systems

We support our customers in software development for interventional radiology. Using workflows, the software helps the attending physician in diagnostics, surgery planning and therapy of vascular diseases:

  • Integration of algorithms for image processing and pattern recognition, such as segmentation, determination of epipolar lines, etc.
  • Development of a minimally invasive tool for estimating the fractional flow reserve (pressure drop before and after a stenosis)
  • Determination and overlay of epipolar lines that relate two x-ray images from different angles to each other
  • Application development for interaction of 2D and 3D models
  • Postprocessing
  • Graphical user interface in Qt, for instance to support the user in user-guided segmentation of vessels
  • Maintenance and support for creating automatic reports

Furthermore, we support our customers in angiography projects or develop prototypes for the assessment of perfusion charts. For this, we offer overlays of respiratory motion compensation maps or model segmentations via 3D reconstructions (e.g. of parts of the heart). We develop software to accompany intervention workflows step by step and to produce X-ray preview simulations that enable a dose-free approach to a target region.

Programming languages / tools: C++, Qt