Application development for CT scanners

Our developments and services are used in many areas of medical technology, for example in diagnostics or interventional radiology.

Control software for CT scanners

In several teams we support our customers in the new and further development of software for the control of CT scanners by radiographers, radiologists and service technicians.

Its use as a medical diagnostic device has created a high demand for quality on the part of the customer, the health authorities and not least the patient themselves. Stability, high accuracy or easy-to-maintain products are only some of the quality criteria reflected in the software development process. This takes place in a professional environment using modern methods. The project spans several million lines of code and has been proceeding for several years.

Together with our customers, we develop central components within the software architecture that make CT scanning possible in the first place. For example, we connect the graphical user interface with the underlying system layer and implement, among other things, the following topics:

  • Interventional computed tomography, which makes it possible to perform a high-resolution CT scan even during an operation
  • Modeling and parameterization of the sequence control of scans and reconstructions
  • Algorithm integration, parameterization, visualization & UI development for CT image reconstruction planning
  • Table control including calculations for avoiding collisions
  • Raw Data Management (import, export, DICOM)

Another task of our teams is developing and maintaining the software that supports the service technician during commissioning and servicing the CT scanner. In this context, it is essential to combine physical-technical know-how with classical skills of software developers:

  • Agile software development (e.g. according to Scrum or Kanban)
  • Modern software architecture (e.g. domain-driven design, layered software architecture, aspect-oriented programming)
  • Clean Code & Design Patterns
  • Technologies/Tools: C#, .NET, C++, ASP.NET, WPF, JavaScript/HTML, UML, XML, EA, TFS, VBA, Microsoft Workflow Foundation